CBD Extra Strength Joint




CBD Extra Strength Joint

The CBD Extra Strength Joint is one of our finest options for CBD users who prefer application by inhalation rather than other forms such as oral or topical use. Our Extra Strength Joint is the best CBD joint because it is rolled with the purest premium hemp flower grown locally in California.

This CBD pre-rolled joint for pain relief is lightly coated with a layer of CBD Shatter Wax, which acts as a fine polish to hold firm the inner ingredient as well as the pure CBD Isolate that is sprinkled over the entire joint for a perfect and CBD goodness finish.

This triple Trifecta CBD experience gives a total body numbness that our CBD for relief products are known for. Like our other pain-relieving CBD products, our CBD Joints are lab tested to contain less than 0.3% THC, meaning the pre-roll joint numbs pain without the psychoactive effects of highly concentrated THC joints. The Extra Strength Joint is the perfect CBD product for reducing chronic pain caused by a tumour, gout, arthritis, migraine, etc.

Major Benefits

  • Pleasant burn

  • Non-psychoactive

  • An earthy, musky, spicy and woody scent

  • Shatter wax proof to prevent the disintegration of joint contents

  • 100% Hemp with no additives

  • Up to 16% CBD, less than .3% THC.

  • Gives a soothing feeling

  • Induces easy sleep

  • Enhances appetite

  • Assists with reduction of pain


Locally grown 100% premium hemp flower, Shatter wax, CBD Isolate

Usage Suggestion

Start slow with only 2-3 drags once a day, giving gaps between inhalations to observe the effect, then increase usage over time as seen fit.


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